Over the years, I have come across people supporting and rejecting the idea of travel. While some have argued that it brings out the best in a person, others have persistently referred to it as an easy privileged escape from, well, life!

I beg to differ. I have been travelling for more than four years now and loved it so much that I refuse to share it with anyone else.ย 

I thought it only apt to share my thoughts on the moot point that travelling has been reduced to.

  • An old school thought

Let’s go back to the basics. We used to get vacations from work to detox. It is still the same, now only more resourceful. Let’s cherish that!

The skyline, one morning in Himachal Pradesh, India.
The skyline, one morning in Himachal…
  • Travel…. Know more, live more!

We all live in a comfort zone, in a cocoon. Isn’t is only natural to be curious about the kind of life exists in this diversity and to appreciate the humankind.


  • Out of comfort zone into the travel zone

A life spent inside the comfort zone keeps you away from ‘not dying’ which is equivalent to ‘not living’.

Not a cakewalk for an acrophobic.... Wahakaba Falls, Sohra, Meghalaya, India.
Not a cakewalk for an acrophobic….
  • Newer better perspective

Travelling gives a whole new different perspective to life, people, lives of people, different from what we usually see or hear from the stereotypes doing the rounds.

The women folk of the Gypsy tribe wept all through one night while I was in Hampi. It was new and a bit fearful for me. I came to know only the next day that the ‘weeping’ into a loudspeaker was part of a marriage celebration.ย 

Virupapura Gaddi, Hampi, Karnataka, India
Virupapura Gaddi, Hampi, Karnataka, India

(I took this selfie on my last day here. This was to commemorate the courage with which I had spent the previous night alone, not only in my cottage but in the entire guest house. Hence, the brave smile).

  • For a calmer you

Believe it or not, it does bring you closer to an inner calmer self perhaps because you briefly break from a monotonous tethered life. So what if we seek escape from the daily hassles in tiny detours! It only infuses better, calmer and more sensitive people in the world.

Careless at Vagator beach, Goa, India
Careless at Vagator beach, Goa